What are Blog, Blogspot and Blogger?

What is Blog, Blogspot and Blogger
What are Blog, Blogspot, and Blogger

What are Blog, Blogspot, and Blogger? – Hi guys! have a good day! Welcome to this simple website. Guys! of course, you often hear the words blog, blogging, blogger, and Blogspot. Even for those of you who are students and students for this era, of course, you are already familiar with blogs, okay, because your paper assignments are copies of blogs? come on admit it. So, that’s why this blog exists. Here I will share tutorials (how-to) on blogging.

Okay, this time as a starting post for discussing blog tutorials on this weblog. For those of you who may still be new to what is a blog, blogger, blogging, and Blogspot. Come on, get acquainted with the blog!

What is a Blog?

Basically, in simple terms, a blog is a free web facility provided by Google with the characteristics of the blogspot.com subdomain with a simple appearance.

The blogs itself, which stands for web log, is a form of web application in the form of writings (which are loaded as posts) on a web page. These posts are often published in the order of the newest post first before being followed by the older one, although this is not always the case because we can also set it the other way around. Websites like this can usually be accessed by all Internet users according to the topic and purpose of the blog user.

History of Blog

The blog was originally introduced by Jorn Barger in 1997 with the blogger.com site, then the name blog as short for weblog was initiated by Peter Merholz in 1999. In 2002 the blogs was later acquired by the Google company which was previously owned by Pyra Labs, the first introduced the term blogger.

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Types of Blogs

Basically, there are three types of blogs, namely Personal Blogs, Corporate Blogs, and Question Blogging. The blog itself has various types depending on the contents of the discussion conveyed by the blogs. Types of blogs based on the topic include:

  1. Political blogs: About news, politics, activists, and all issues based on blogs (Such as campaigns).
  2. Personal blogs: Also called an online diary that contains one’s daily experiences, complaints, poems or verses, ideas, and conversations with friends.
  3. Topical blogs: Blogs that talk about something, and focus on a particular topic.
  4. Health blogs: Get specific about health. Most health blogs contain patient complaints, the latest health news, health information, etc.
  5. Literary blogs: Better known as the lit blogs (Literary blogs).
  6. Travel blogs: Focus on discussing travel stories that tell information about travel.
  7. Fashion blogs: Better known as a “fashion blogs”. The contents are about style, fashion developments, fashion tastes, coverage of fashion exhibitions, and others.
  8. Research blogs: Academic issues such as the latest research news.
  9. Legal blogs: Issues about the law or legal affairs; also known as blawgs (Blogs Laws).
  10. Media blogs: Focuses on discussing various kinds of information
  11. Religion blogs: Discussing religion
  12. Educational blogs: Usually written by students or teachers.
  13. Community blogs: More specific topics written by certain groups.
  14. Guide blogs (directory): Contains hundreds of website page links.
  15. Business blogs: Used by employees or entrepreneurs for their business promotion activities
  16. Embodiment blogs: Focus on non-human objects; like a dog
  17. Bullying blogs (spam): Used for affiliate business promotion; also known as splogs (Spam Blogs)
  18. Blogs virus (virus): Used to destroy
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While blogs based on media are:

  • Vlog: a blogs containing videos
  • Linklog: a blogs containing links
  • Sketchblogs: a blog containing sketches
  • Photoblogs: a blog containing photos
  • Tumblelogs: blogs that contain short posts and include videos, photos, and music
  • Phlog: a blog hosted on Gopher Protocol
  • Blog Terms
  • Blogging or Blogging: is the activity of writing a blog
  • Blogspot: is a subdomain on the blog address
  • Blogger: designation for active blog writers
  • Problogger: namely a professional blogger
  • Blogs Tools: tools/software used to create blogs

Technorati, one of the blogs search engines, has recorded at least 112 million blogs as of December 2007. They also noted that the average growth of blogs per day reaches 70,000 blogs. The development of the number of blogs can double every year. So when reading this article, it is very possible that the development of the blogs will be much more.

Maybe this is just a discussion about the introduction of the blogs, for friends who have additional information and questions, please put them in the comments column. We really appreciate your participation. Okay!

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