Learn Online Business Get to Know Blog Layouts and Widgets

Learn Online Business Get to Know Blog Layouts and Widgets
Learn Online Business Get to Know Blog Layouts and Widgets

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Learn Online Business Get to Know Blog Layouts and Widgets– The layout is the arrangement of display elements on our blog. This is where we set up our widget. Then, what is a widget? Widgets can be term gadgets, or simply features that can be used by blogs. On the Blogspot website itself, widgets have various terms for widgets such as portlets, gadgets, badges, website, capsules, snippets, etc.

Blog widgets are made using HTML, Javascript, and CSS programming languages. For me, the widget is divid in two. There are internal and external. The internal widget is a widget that has been provided by the blogger, and it is a basic widget. External widgets are widgets that are make with programming language coding to create the features of a widget (yes, just like for software).

There are many external widgets available on the internet. We use this external widget to add an interesting impression to our blog (because the default blogger widget is too mainstream).

Blogger Layout

Accessing the Layout menu is very easy. It’s in our blog’s dashboard menu under the campaigns and templates menu. Here is a view of the layout menu. Please note, the display will look different. It depends on the template you use and the design you apply.

In the following we will discuss Header, Main, Sidebar, and Footer as follows:


1. Headers

The header is the head of the blog, for CSS formatting with the name #Header-Wrapper. This wrapper header is very important because this is where the identity of the blog itself is set. What’s in this wrapper header?

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Favicon, Fav icon is a blog icon that will appear in the tab name of our browser window. I obviously like this picture. We can change the icon of this blog according to our wishes. In Sya Allah, we will make a tutorial (be patient).

Nav Bar, the navigation bar is a blogger’s default navigation frame bar containing several menus and has their respective uses. the functions on the blog navbar really help us in blogging on blogger.

Header, In this header we can change the name of the blog along with its description and also the settings we want. We can also change the header with an image. Google will index the blog page according to the title or description that is post on our blog which is in this Header section. Make your blog title interesting and different from the others, so that your blog is easily index by Google because Google likes something unique and different.

Apart from the three above, there are also pages and so on. In essence, all widgets that are install in the header are includ in the header wrapper element.

2. Main

Main or blog post in which CSS formatting is #main-wrapper. Is the location where our posting articles are.

3. Sidebars

Is a bar that is on the side of the main wrapper. There is a right sidebar and a left sidebar, it depends on the design of the blog. The CSS-formatted sidebar with the name #sidebar-wrapper is a special space for our widget (although widgets can appear in the header, main, and footer).

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Now the two elements above the main wrapper and sidebar wrapper are known in CSS formatting as #content-wrapper or #outer-wrapper.

4. Footers

The footer is a space element that is located at the bottom/foot of the blog. In CSS formatting known as #footer-wrapper. Usually, the footer section contains copyright information or the name of the owner of the blog itself.


The introduction above is from the appearance of the default blogger template. The appearance of the layout will of course be different if you install your own/artificial template. But in general, it remains the same where they have a header wrapper, main wrapper, sidebar wrapper, and footer wrapper.


CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets.CSS is a programming code that aims to decorate and style the appearance/layout of web pages to make them more elegant and attractive.

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