CapCut Free Download For PC Windows 7

CapCut Free Download For PC Windows 7
CapCut Free Download For PC Windows 7

CapCut Free Download For PC Windows 7 – CapCut is an application that can use to edit videos and has various types of effects. Apart from that, we can also add music, text, transitions, and so on.
CapCut is currently very popular among users, especially smartphone users, because this application is very easy to use, even for beginners.

History of CapCut

In 2019 CapCut was launched by Bytedance, this company is based in China. After it was launched, it turned out that this application is very much used by millions of people around the world, because CapCut provides easy and fast features for editing videos.

Capcut feature

Here are some CapCut features that you can use, including the following:

  • Add Music: Users can add music according to your wishes to the video that we will edit.
  • Transitions: There are many transition options provided by CapCut to help transition from one scene to another in the video.
  • Effects: The effects provided help you improve video quality such as video effects, color gradients and other effects that you can try according to your wishes.
  • Text: There are many text options provided for users, you are free to choose according to your taste.
  • Other features: CapCut also has many other features such as video trimming, replaying and many more.

Advantages of CapCut compared to other video editing applications

CapCut has several advantages compared to other video editing applications, such as:

  • Complete features: CapCut has many features such as transitions, text, stickers, and many others. In addition, this application has a library that is continuously updated, so that users will find a wide selection of music and effects that suit their needs.
  • Easy to use: This application has an interface that is easy to use and easy to understand, so that anyone can easily edit videos without qualified knowledge.
  • This application is available free of charge, you don’t need to pay extra to get various features for video editing.
    Can be used on various devices: This application can be used on various devices such as Windows, iOS and Android, so you can edit videos anywhere and anytime.
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How to use CapCut

The following are the steps you can take to use the CapCut application, including the following:

Download the app

Download CapCut through application stores such as the App Store, Google Play Store and the official website at CapCutdotcom

Import videos or photos

After the application is install you can import videos or photos that you will edit. You can add videos from your computer or from your smartphone gallery.

Start editing

After the video or photo has been successfully import, you are free to edit according to your taste, you can add transitions, add music, text, and so on.

Export videos

After you feel the video is finish editing, you can export the video to your computer or smartphone gallery or share it to Youtube, TikTok and Instagram.

CapCut Free Download For PC Windows 7

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