Comparison of WINDOWS and LINUX

Comparison of WINDOWS and LINUX

Comparison of WINDOWS and LINUX. Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft, where this operating system provides a graphical interface (GUI / Graphical User Interface) to make it easier to operate.

On the other hand, Linux is a type of PC operating system that is open source in nature and has various types of distributions ranging from Slackware, RedHat, centOs, Backtrack, and others.

Comparison of WINDOWS and LINUX


Windows has a relatively better appearance because it has been able to provide a friendly interface and spoil us. On the other hand, Linux looks relatively behind Windows. But for reliable users. Linux will be more interesting than anything.

Intellectual property rights

Linux is a free software feature and anyone can freely use it. If the Windows OS is a software feature that has paid license ownership rights

Partition system

Windows partitions such as NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT, and so on, while Linux partitions such as ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, xfs, JFS, FAT32, NTFS, and so on. So that Windows cannot read Linux partitioned files, on the other hand, Linux may still be able to create and read Windows partition files.

Hardware support

On Linux, available drivers for various hardware are relatively few and can also be difficult to find, whereas, on Windows, drivers tend to already exist and be updated by the factory.

Code development

Windows is a closed operating system so system development can only be done by factory workers, whereas Linux is an open operating system or open source so that anyone can download the program’s source code and develop it.

In terms of security

Windows has a lot of viruses that have been raised because of their popularity and the way they run their applications. On the other hand, Linux is more comfortable because not many viruses are developed and also the way to run applications on Linux is different when compared to Windows.

Comparison of WINDOWS and LINUX, so these two operating systems are actually equally good. Apart from that, it all depends on the needs and capabilities of the user.

Up here, you will choose to use what type of operating system. Personally, I prefer Windows, because it’s easy to work with. Because in my opinion, Linux is more about the use of computerized networking, for those who already understand it.

Comparison of WINDOWS and LINUX

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