Download Opera Mini Latest For Android (APK)

Download Opera Mini Latest For Android (APK)Opera Mini is one of the browser apps I’ve ever used. At that time I was still using Android with low specifications. So to get the good performance I only use light applications.

For example, for the web browser application, I choose to use Opera Mini Browser. With a small size, this application is not too burdensome for the devices we use. Whether it’s when we use it, or files that are installed and stored on our Android storage.

So for those of you who use Android devices with low or medium specifications. I recommend using a lightweight web browser application only. When choosing to use Opera Mini. First, listen to this article until it’s finished, so you know the advantages and disadvantages.

What is Opera Mini Browser

This web browser application for Android has been released since April 10, 1995, by Telenor. A company engaged in telecommunications. This company is located in Norway.

As time goes by, Opera Mini is getting more and more popular among android users. Whether it’s high-end, middle-class, let alone lower-class Android users. Thus the developer continues to strive to make various updates. Of course, it keeps users from switching to other web browser applications.

But the name of the lite version of the application, of course, is not as perfect as the perfect version. So you can say that Opera Mini for Android has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some points that we will give for your consideration.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Opera Mini Browser

1. Small size

Opera Mini browser, it can be said that the size is very small, that’s the reason I use it. With a small file size, it makes it easier for users to carry out browsing activities.

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So, we have devices with below-average specifications. Please try this application to do browsing activities on the internet.

2. Download speed and open the website

Before the existence of smartphone devices with the Android operating system. Opera Mini is already widely used on mobile devices, like I, used to use it on NOKIA LUMIA. I’ve experienced the very fast speed of Opera Mini at that time.

When compared to using the 3G network, it’s already fast. What about now, cellular networks already support 4G and even 5G. You can imagine the speed that will be provided by the Opera Mini application.

3. Complete security features

All applications still provide optimal security, to keep their users safe. It’s the same with opera mini, even though the web browser is in the lite version, it also has security features. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the device being used will be attacked by a dangerous virus.

In addition, this feature will give us a warning when visiting dangerous web pages. It can also guard against other threats that can harm the devices we use.

4. Save the page

For those who like to read a large number of novels, comics or certain articles. So, by using Opera Mini, we can save certain web pages. The goal is that we can read it again when there is no internet network.

5. Night mode

This feature is very beneficial for users who have sensitive eyes to light. Moreover, who wants to browse in a dark place? With this feature, our view of the Android screen will feel comfortable, without the glare of the screen dancing.

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It is certain that with this feature, the user’s eye health will be maintained.

6. Website recovery feature

When using the device for a long time, it will usually cause heat. So it will cause some problems when operating it. For example, you will experience a crash or lag which will cause the application to close automatically. By using Opera Mini, when the incident occurs. So when we reopen the page we were using earlier it will be restored.

Disadvantages of Opera Mini Browser

1. Cannot change the shortcut key

For me personally, the shortcut key is not too important compared to the others. Because the function of the shortcut key only speeds us up to select the application that is opened. If it’s not there, let’s just look for the Opera Mini application on our device, it’s done.

2. Slow performance to open many pages

If you open too many tabs in the Opera Mini browser. So most likely the android that you are using will feel slower than before. The solution is just to delete the tap that we don’t use anymore. Or we can finish our quest first. Next is not the other page with the same tab.

3. Can’t get rid of visual effects on a website

If you use the Opera Mini browser to open a website. And there are too many video ads inside, so we can’t omit the visual effect on it.

In short, if You are an Android smartphone user with below-average specifications. Then this is the web browser that you must install and use. As for the drawbacks, in my own opinion, they will not have any effect. Because compared to looking for perfection in the full application. But it can’t be run because of the condition of our device.

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Download Opera Mini, So, why think more if we can use what we already have to the fullest? Just download the installation file, by clicking the link below.

Download Opera Mini Latest For Android

Download Apk – Opera Mini 65.2.2254.63594

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