Download Rufus 3.20 for Windows (Latest Version)

Download RufusDownload Rufus 3.20 for Windows (Latest Version). Now many laptops that are sold in the market do not have a CD Drive anymore. Therefore, many are looking for tutorials and even applications that can solve this problem. Most of them are mechanics or computer repairmen.

Actually, even though laptops now don’t have a CD Drive, we can still use Portable CDs. But it seems, this is not an option that many people want. Because there is a way to install windows using FlashDisk. To do so, we have to do a few things first.

In essence, the FlashDisk that we will use for the installation must contain a Windows master, often named Bootable Windows, which will later be installed on the laptop device.

So, for how to make Windows bootable, there are actually 2 ways. You can use an application or create a Bootable Flashdisk with CMD. In this article, we will provide a way to use an application called Rufus Latest Version. To be honest, I also use it to make it bootable, whether it’s Windows or Linux.

Download Rufus 3.20 for Windows (Latest Version)

Rufus Latest Version is software that has a function to format storage media. We give an example here Like a flash disk and turn it into a bootable device.

Not only that, Rufus can also be used as a tool to upgrade the Bios on a PC. And make a flash disk into a bootable ISO installation media. that way we can use it to install windows on the laptop.

Before we get into how to make Windows bootable with Rufus Latest Version. You have to prepare a laptop and an ISO file beforehand. For those who want to make Windows 10/11 bootable, prepare a FlashDisk with a size of 8GB. Then download the Rufus Latest Version, how click the download link below.

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Download Rufus Latest Version

How to make it bootable with Rufus Latest Version

For how, please follow slowly step by step that we have written below.

  1. Turn on your laptop
  2. Plug in the FlashDisk
  3. Open the Rufus Latest Version application, then Rufus will automatically detect the size, volume, and file system of the flash drive
  4. Select the Ready menu to start running Rufus on the flash disk
  5. Click the Start option and enter the Windows ISO file you prepared earlier, then select Open
  6. Rufus will display information about the ISO file automatically
  7. On the Driver Properties menu, make the following settings:
    • Image Option: Standard Windows Installation.
    • Partition Scheme: MBR or GPT depending on HDD/SSD type
    • Target System: BIOS (or UEFI-CSM).
    • Quick Format: Check.
    • Create extended label and icon files: Tick.
  8. Click Start to start the bootable process on the flash disk, if a warning dialog box appears, just select OK.
  9. Now you can only wait for the process of making windows into the flash disk until it’s finished.

Note: By making the bootable process on the flash disk. Then automatically all data on flash storage that was previously stored will be deleted and lost permanently. So we hope, first check the FlashDisk media that will be used.

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