Download Telegram for Windows 8.1 32 bit

Download Telegram for Windows 8.1 32 bit
Download Telegram for Windows 8.1 32 bit

Download Telegram for Windows 8.1 32 bit – Telegram is a short messaging application that can be used to send short messages. Besides being able to send messages, you can also send photos, videos, audio, other types of files.
Telegram can be used on various telephone devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch and on various desktop devices available on various operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Telegram features

The following below are the features that you can use, including the following:

Translate feature

You can use this feature for messages or chats in real time by selecting the translate option at the top of the application display. Furthermore, you can choose and control what language you want to translate.

Interactive Emojis

Telegram adds many interesting emojis, you can use this feature when sending messages or chatting with other users.

Media Permissions

We know that one of Telegram features is creating groups. Now in this group the admin can control its members to be allowed to send various types of media such as photos and videos. Admins can also disable text messages and create groups containing only media files.

Custom Emojis

Telegram provides various types of the latest custom emoji that you can use. There are more than 10 packages provid, and there are hundreds of icons designed for group pictures and profile photos.

Network Usage

You can see the Telegram application data on the device you are using, you can adjust the automatic download settings according to the internet package you have.

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Auto Saving Media

You can set whether the media files in this application can be save automatically. You can also save any data that you feel is important to save.

Profile Photo Maker

You can set your profile photo, you can change stickers or emoji to profile photos on personal accounts, groups, channels or each channel.

Premium Subscription Discounts

You can get up to 40% off on exclusive subscription features for a year. The app can also give your friends subscription discounts.

Advantages of Telegram

Cloud Storage Service

The first advantage is in the Cloud storage service, meaning all your files are store there. We are free to log in and out from various devices simultaneously without fear of losing data. Apart from that, you can also save contacts, voice/video notes, GIFs to links. However, this Cloud service is limit to only 1.5 GB for each file.

The capacity of group members can be more than 5,000 people

You can increase the capacity of your group members to more than 5,000 people with the Super Group feature. This large capacity is useful for creating school alumni groups and other groups.

Chat Bot feature

There are many things you can do with the help of chat bots, for example getting notifications about disasters, weather forecasts and translating languages.

Thus the explanation about Telegram, its features and advantages, if you are interest in Download Telegram for Windows 8.1, click the link below:

Download Telegram for Windows 8.1 32 bit

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