Download TeraCopy 3.9.2 Latest Version for Windows

Download TeraCopy Version for WindowsDownload TeraCopy 3.9.2 Latest Version for Windows. TeraCopy is a fast file copy utility. It provides the user with a fast, reliable, and flexible way to copy and move files. TeraCopy uses multithreading so that it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Not only that, TeraCopy too can be used to compress and uncompress files. It also includes some handy extra features like the ability to rescan for errors after a copy operation, which can be important if copying onto or from a bad disk. TeraCopy also has an undo feature to allow users to recover from mistakes that could occur during file transfers.

TeraCopy for Windows

Many Windows users use this application, not without reason. Mostly because of its ability to copy files very quickly. TeraCopy is therefore commonly used to increase the speed of copying files on a computer with a slow processor or when copying many large files. It also includes many features such as the ability to pause, resume and stop a copy job at any time.

TeraCopy for Windows is a small, yet powerful application for securely copying and moving files. It is best suited for those who frequently transfer files over unreliable networks as it features three modes of operation: Normal, Mirror, and Backup. TeraCopy can also run multiple tasks in parallel, making it very useful for copying even large amounts of data between drives on your computer or accessing remote servers.

Fitur TeraCopy for Windows

  • Copy files faster
  • Asynchronous copy
  • Pause file transfers
  • Resume file transfers
  • Error recovery
  • Interactive file list
  • Shell integration
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If in your activities or work, you are required to move files, be it from a computer to a smartphone or other. We highly recommend that you use the TeraCopy application. Click the download link below to get the installation file.

Download TeraCopy 3.9.2 Latest Version for Windows



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