Download Whatsapp for PC Windows 7 32-Bit Google Drive

Download Whatsapp for PC Windows 7 32-Bit Google Drive – Whatsapp is a free instant messaging application that uses Voice Over IP technology owned by Facebook. By using this technology, users can send text and voice messages to each other, make voice calls or video calls and share pictures, photos, videos, documents, share locations and several other types of formats.
WhatsApp can be use on various devices such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and so on. In addition, WhatsApp can use on a desktop device using a web browser, provid that the smartphone and computer are connected to the internet network.

WhatsApp Features and Benefits

WhatsApp not only functions as a communication tool, but can also use for various things such as being a media for education, business, and holidays. To understand more about WhatsApp, see the features below:

Media for both personal and group communication

With WhatsApp we can send text messages, photos, audio, video and other documents. We can also share our location with other users.
Users can also communicate in WhatsApp groups. This feature allows us to make video calls in groups with limited members.

Media for Education and Learning

With WhatsApp we can easily communicate, that’s why WhatsApp is use as a medium for education and learning. Many examples, such as schools, colleges and other educational institutions, use WhatsApp as a place to learn, share information and do business.

Business Media

WhatsApp is also widely use by people for business, such as conducting promotions, information to ordering products or services.

The story feature is usually use by businesses to advertise products to customer testimonials. WhatsApp has also issued a Business Version which can help maximize incoming messages from consumers.
On WhatsApp Business, users can add the opening hours feature to auto-reply so that it is very suitable for business needs.

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Sharing information and entertainment

WhatsApp can also use as a medium for sharing information and entertainment. Support for the forward feature will speed up the dissemination of information from one user to another, even groups. Users can also take advantage of stories to share exciting things, as entertainment/refreshing

This is an explanation of the features and benefits of WhatsApp, if you want to download it, please click the link below:

Download Whatsapp for PC Windows 7 32-Bit Google Drive

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