Free Download WeChat For Windows 10 Latest Version

Free Download WeChat For Windows 10 Latest Version
Free Download WeChat For Windows 10 Latest Version

Free Download WeChat For Windows 10 Latest Version – WeChat is an instant messaging app that can use on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. This application originates from China, and is widely use there.

This application is an application that is widely use in the world after WhatsApp which is use by more than 1 billion.

With WeChat we can make it possible to send private and group messages, make calls and make videos.
This application has various features such as a proprietary payment system or social network, in China we can use WeChat for shopping, booking hotels, and so on.

In addition, you can post your status, send stickers, share location, call mobiles and landlines, pay with your own mobile payment system.

WeChat features

Send message

We know WeChat as an instant messaging application. With this application, we can also have individual or group chats with friends, colleagues and family, reaching more than 500 participants.
Apart from sending messages, we can send photos, images, audio or video, share links, send GIFs and stickers and many others.


WeChat has a payment feature. However, this feature is not yet available worldwide. With this feature you can make convenient payments, you can send money to friends and family.
If in China if you want to buy something like goods or products with WeChat it can be easily done, you can go to a store that provides this payment feature. Likewise, if you want to book hotels and flights.

Language Support

WeChat provides multiple languages including English, traditional/simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian and other languages.

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With this feature you can translate the content of the application itself, meaning you can translate messages sent to you by friends into other languages such as English to Chinese.

This application can also translate voice messages which is one of the interesting features, so you can understand the content at various moments.


You can download WeChat in Playstore, in App Store, Microsoft App.

These are some of the WeChat features that you can use, if you are interested in using them please click the link below:

Free Download WeChat For Windows 10 Latest Version

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