GOM Player Download for PC Windows

GOM Player for WindowsGOM Player Download for PC Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. (Gretech Online Movie) GOM Player is software that can be used to open sound and video files. The media player application for Windows is very much in use. Be it listening to music or watching videos. Now the latest version of GOM player for windows has very interesting features.

For those who like to listen to music using a GOM player. We can adjust the equalizer effect for a very diverse sound, such as bass, full, dance, club, classical, party, reggae, rock, and so on. Adequate codecs have also been applied so that they can run audio and video. So you don’t need to look for codecs manually one by one.

With this multimedia application, you can create playlists as media file management to be played. Playlists can also be saved so that it’s easier when they’re going to be used again.

Interesting Features of GOM Player for Windows

Many users of the multimedia application open them for no reason. They choose to use this application on Windows devices because it has the advantages and features needed. For more details, please see some of the points that we write below.

Codec Finder feature

A wide range of codecs are covered, such as H263, MP4, OGG, FLV1, DivX, XviD and so on. So you don’t have to install separate codecs to play different video styles.

Playing corrupted AVI files

Embedded technology supports users in viewing files that have been indexed or damaged or in the process of downloading.

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Subtitles support

A wide range of files for subtitles can be supported, such as SUB, RT, SRT and SMI. Users can also adjust the subtitles and the appearance of the video if they don’t match.

Playlist feature

If the user runs a video file, but it is already recorded in a directory, it will automatically be added to a playlist or playlist.

Capture Videos

This is a very special feature that GOM Player has. We can take part in the picture while playing the video that we like. The image will be stored in our computer storage.

GOM Player for Windows has the same format as ASX, PLS, and M3U playlists. Support various types of media. The many media formats certainly require adequate software, to make it easier to play the video. Because of that, this software was created to continue to support various media formats, such as DAT, MPEG, MPG, and AVI.

Apart from that, GOM Player also supports streaming windows media formats such as ASX, ASF and WMV. You can even watch videos with DVD quality which has 5.1
audio-out channels.

Advantages of GOM Player for Windows

When compared to other media players, GOM Player has a number of advantages which would be a shame if you don’t take advantage of it. Especially for multimedia fans. What am I
the advantage?

  1. The appearance is simple so it is easier to use
  2. There is a feature to slow down or speed up subtitles.
  3. There is an equalizer in the application.
  4. There are also features for adjusting appearances, such as saturation, contrast, and brightness.
  5. A screen capture facility is available.
  6. The volume can be increased up to 200 percent. That way, the sound sounds more optimal and jarring.
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GOM Player is a multimedia software for computers, which is perfect for those who like watching movies, listening to music, and other multimedia features. Immediately download GOM Player for Windows, so you can enjoy it better and have more fun.

GOM Player Download for PC Windows


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