Google Assistant or Siri, Which is Your Choice

Google Assistant or Siri, Which is Your Choice. News about the new Google Assistant is launched, it’s possible that Google is still testing a lot of things in this regard, and many more will be added in the future in updates to the platform. The sophistication of Google Assistant is said to be an assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) the most contextually aware mobile phone on the market today.

At the same time being able to understand questions from previous requests without needing to repeat all the details. Here are some of the astonishing sophistication of Google Assistant, when compared to Siri.

Google Assistant or Siri, Which is Your Choice

Google Assistant or Siri, Which is Your Choice

Smarter than Siri

If you ever reveal that you like a certain sports club, the Google Assistant will immediately react to what you’re looking for next.

Meanwhile, Siri needs you to remind you in detail about what you are looking for. Although Siri can process follow-up questions from the first question, without you having to repeat the subject, the results are often inaccurate and the possibilities are too broad.

Integrating smart home

One of the smartest developments Google has done is making Google Assistant the centerpiece of its entire hardware strategy.

Not just on mobile. This includes a wide range of smart speakers, even down to home lights. This breakthrough is considered to be the key to future smart home functions that are fully automatic and you can control it, as we see in the movies.

Integrating third-party applications

You might be stressed out using Siri if your device isn’t entirely from Apple or is directly related to Apple. With Google Assistant, you can ask Spotify to play the music you want to listen to, ask Google Maps to find a location, and so on.


Meanwhile, when asked for the same thing, Siri will only open the application without performing the function you asked for. So you have to go the extra mile to get what you want.

Recognizing different sounds and responding individually

If anyone says, “Hey, Siri!” on your phone, Siri will be active and respond generally. Meanwhile, Google Assistant has voice training capabilities.

With this voice training, different voices can be customized to respond differently, depending on who is saying it. So even if you want to make a payment transaction, you can feel more secure with your distinctive voice through Google Assistant.

Google Assistant or Siri, Which is Your Choice. That’s the astounding sophistication of Google Assistant. For those of you who are Android users, that’s what you need to be proud of. For those of you who are iOS users, take it easy, sooner or later, Apple will provide these facilities. So, which one do you choose? Google Assistant or Siri?

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