How to Create Instagram Posts Via PC

How to Create Instagram Posts Via PC

How to Create Instagram Posts Via PC without using an application requires special tips so that it can be done. The method is very easy and will not make you dizzy. Even this way without the need for any additional applications or software. All you can do is directly on your laptop or PC.

The point is how to bring up the Create Post Button or Menu with the Positive (+) brother logo on Instagram. That way you can post on Instagram. By uploading photos, pictures, and videos on Instagram via your laptop or PC.

General Instagram Operation

Operating social media is the same as other android applications, namely through a cellphone or smartphone. Now it is not only used as social media but has also led to business. How to get money from this application in general through buying and selling products, paid promotion, and so on.

So, if you have used this social media for business, of course, it is very tiring if the operation is only through a smartphone. In addition, it is also very draining if the target of your posting is quite a lot every day.

But unfortunately, so far Instagram cannot be operated directly via a laptop or PC. So, every time you open it on your Computer, you certainly don’t find the Create Post menu. Which should be clearly visible when we operate it on a smartphone device.

But you don’t have to worry, because this article will review how to make Instagram posts on laptops and PCs. Alright, just take a look at our explanation slowly below.

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How to Upload Instagram Photos on a PC Laptop Without an Application

  1. Type ‘’ on your laptop or PC device
  2. Then LOGIN is like opening Instagram on a smartphone
  3. Once logged in, right-click anywhere on your computer screen.
  4. Then select INSPECT at the very bottom of the menu
  5. Select the HP or Tablet icon on the left side of the word ELEMENTS
  6. Decide what type of device you will use to unlock it

This menu is at the very top left of your device’s screen. You are free to determine the type of device, it does not need to match the type of device you usually use to post on Instagram. Even you also choose ‘Responsive’ which can adjust the screen of your device

How to Create Instagram Posts Via PC

Up here, all the settings have been done correctly, but you still can’t upload photos or videos before refreshing the page. The way to refresh it is by pressing the CTRL + r keys simultaneously. After the Plus (+) button appears, you can only make posts.

After the refresh, usually, the Instagram display becomes smaller. So those who are already old will definitely have problems reading it. To enlarge the view on a PC, you can adjust it by pressing the CTRL + (Up and down scroll button on the mouse). Scroll up to zoom in on the screen and scroll down to zoom out.

Here is the article on how to make posts on Instagram via desktop devices. For readers who have other ways, please leave a review in the comments column. We will include your review later in this article. Thanks.

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