How to Find Out the Internet Connection Speed at Home

How to Find Out the Internet Connection Speed at Home

How to find out the internet connection speed at home, The use of the Internet in this era of globalization is a very important tool, whether it is used to communicate remotely face-to-face, for work in the office, media, browsing, YouTube, business, finance and banking and many others.

Maybe not just me personally, but all of us, if we don’t get internet connection within a few moments. Then work or other activities will be stopped.

When connected to the internet, sometimes we experience loading and sometimes it is very disturbing what we are doing or doing. Therefore, in this article, we will provide some common ways to check internet connection speed. Whether it’s through PING, Speedtest or by using an application and others.

Here are some ways that we can provide to check the internet speed you have or use.

  1. Speedtest by Ookla
    Speedtest by Ookla is one of the most popular sites to check internet speed. How to check WiFi speed via Speedtest by Ookla can be accessed by visiting this page

    When the page opens, please click on the “Start” option and the website will start detecting the download, upload and latency speed of the WiFi network connected to the device. The speed check will probably take about 3 minutes.

  2. is a site for checking internet speed developed by the Netflix company. How to check WiFi speed via can be accessed by visiting this page via a browser on laptops and cellphones.

    When the page opens, users don’t need to tap on any option to check WiFi speed. The site will start the inspection automatically. The results of the WiFi speed check will appear after that.

  3. SpeedSmart
    SpeedSmart is a website with the main feature to check internet speed. To start checking internet speed through this site, please visit When the page opens, click the “Start Test” option.

    By tapping on that option, the site will start performing a download, upload, and latency check on the WiFi network that the device is currently connected to. After that, SpeedSmart will display the results.

  4. Google Speed ​​Test
    Google also has a service to check internet connection speed on WiFi. To access this service, please visit Google Search on a browser on your cellphone or laptop, then do a search with the keyword “Speed ​​Test”.

    After that, on the top list of Google Search search results, a special column will appear for internet speed testing. Click the “Run Speed ​​Test” option in that column and the results will be displayed on a new pop up information page.

  5. Open Speed ​​Test
    Just like the four websites above, Open Speed ​​Test also has the main feature to check internet speed. How to check internet speed via Open Speed ​​Test can be done by visiting this page

    When the page opens, click the “play” icon to start the internet speed check process on the WiFi connected on the device. After the check is complete, the user can see the results of the download, upload, and latency speed of his WiFi network.

Well, those are some ways that you can try to practice to check internet speed. All the options that we have given above you can practice easily. Finally, we hope that the articles we share can help you in carrying out your daily activities. Thanks.


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