How to Keep the Network Stable When Playing Mobile Legend

How to Keep the Network Stable When Playing Mobile Legend, There are several ways to keep the network stable when playing Mobile Legend. But, that doesn’t mean you play ML and lag because of network problems. There are several things that could be the cause.

So, this time we will discuss some of the reasons that cause Mobile Legends to lag or break. If it turns out to be a network problem, there is also a way to solve it.

Read this article to the end so that your problem is resolved quickly.

How to Keep the Network Stable When Playing Mobile Legend

How to Keep the Network Stable When Playing Mobile Legend

For those who still want to play ML smoothly, here’s a tutorial or a way to keep the network stable when playing Mobile Legend.

1. Turn off other applications that use the internet

The cause that disrupts the network when playing Mobile Legend is another application that also uses internet data.
So, you can try turning off applications that also use the internet. Examples such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or the automatic update feature on the Google Play Store.
You can clean recent apps that run out, or use a game booster. If it’s automatic updates on Google Play, just check the settings.
Hopefully, this first way to play Mobile Legend can make playing the game smooth.

2. Activate the Speed ​​Mode feature

This one feature is in the settings in the ML game. The function of this feature is to stabilize the network on our cellphones. So, the performance of the internet connection will be better.
Mobile Legend will use 2 networks at once, WiFi and data packets in this mode. Then how to keep the network stable when playing Mobile Legend 2022?

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The following is a tutorial on activating Speed ​​Mode and how to set up the Mobile Legend network.

    • Enter the Mobile Legends game
    • Go to Settings which is at the top
    • Click Network Settings
    • Enable Speed ​​Mode and Network Boost features
    • In order for this feature to be active, you must also activate WiFi and data packages in smartphone settings at the same time
    • If it’s finished you can try playing the game
    • Hopefully the tutorial above can be one way to make a 1 ms ML ping.

3. Turn off Voice Chat

If the Mobile Legend ping is 120ms and you are looking for a way to ping ML at least 20ms, you can turn off voice chat in the game.
This voice chat is turned off, especially if the internet network is not stable. You see, this feature also uses a decent internet connection. And hopefully after turning it off, the Mobile Legend ping doesn’t go up and down again.

4. Use the Game Booster App

As previously mentioned, using a game booster to solve the lag problem due to network. Yes, because this application can improve the performance of our cellphones.
Starting from first disabling other applications, to improving HP performance. Because other applications are not active, the internet network can be fully used by Mobile Legend.
You can search for recommended game boosters on the Google Play Store or App Store. But, sometimes there are also smartphones that already have a game booster in them, like Xiaomi for example.
Using a game booster is also one way to not be disturbed when playing Mobile Legend.

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5. Turn on Airplane Mode

ML network is unstable and makes playing games so broken? Try turning on airplane mode, then wait 1 minute and turn off airplane mode again. After that test the network, whether it is smooth again or not.
When we turn on airplane mode, the network used will be refreshed so that the speed can return to normal. Well, you can try it yourself to prove it. Because it’s easy to do and doesn’t take long.

6. Use the Anti Lag Mobile Legends Application

For those who have a high ping of Mobile Legend up to 200 ms and want the ping to be 20 ms or even 1 ms, try using this Mobile Legend anti lag application.
This application is used to keep the ping stable so that we can play well. You can download some of these applications on the Play Store.

    • Ping Gamer – Anti Lag for All Mobile Game Online
    • Ping Games Mobile
    • Terminal Emulator for Android
      Try one first, which one suits you. If it turns out to be proven and useful, just use it, hehehe.

7. RestartWiFi Modem

Unstable network can also happen because of our WiFi problem or delay. One way to overcome the Mobile Legend router delay is to restart it.
If you use WiFi, you can restart the WiFi modem first. But, if you use a cellphone or data package, try restarting the cellphone.

This is the review that we can give, if there are other solutions from gaming friends. Please provide a review in the comments column. Thanks.

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