How To Learn Computer Fast For Beginners

How To Learn Computer Fast For Beginners, The use of technology and computers seems difficult to be separated from daily activities, activities such as work, study or just entertainment media have become commonplace. Therefore mastery of computers is quite important.

How to learn a self-taught computer is not impossible now with the many videos on the youtube platform. Articles on the internet and books that can guide computer learning for beginners. If you’re still confused about where to start, let’s look at the tips on how to learn computers easily below.

How To Learn Computer Fast For Beginners

How To Learn Computer Fast For Beginners

Tips and How to Learn Computer

  1. There is a willingness to learn computer

    Even though it sounds ordinary, every subject we want to study must have a clear learning intention. Great intention and willingness to learn will encourage us not to give up learning even though we face difficulties in the process.

  2. Have Your Own Laptop or Computer

    Another thing that can be done to learn computers is to have a laptop or computer. No need to buy an expensive laptop, you can buy a cheap laptop or a used laptop with standard specifications.
    If you want to be more comfortable learning the computer, make sure the computer or laptop is privately owned. It feels less comfortable if you have to borrow a friend’s computer. By having your own laptop, studying will be more comfortable because you can study anytime.

  3. Define Computer Learning Goals

    Tips on how to learn the next computer is for the purpose of learning this computer. Why is that? Because with the purpose of learning, we will be more focused on which direction to learn, and will also understand computers more quickly.
    For example, if you want to learn Microsoft Word. If you are a novice user. You can learn general use of computers and then focus on Microsoft Word without having to jump to learn anywhere else.

  4. Don’t be afraid to be wrong

    One press is a pretty scary thing if you’re learning computers. But if you are constantly afraid of making the wrong click or pressing the wrong button, you will not understand quickly and will always be left behind. So don’t be afraid to try.

  5. Learning Through the Internet

    How to learn to self-taught computers is very easy with the internet. you can use your cellphone to access videos or articles that help a lot with computers. If you have started to master the basics, through the internet you can also learn advanced things such as Microsoft, Photoshop, Corel Draw, to programming.

  6. Expand Practice

    The fastest way to learn computers is to increase practice. In fact computers are not about theory but practice, so more practice using computers will be much better.

  7. Know the Components of Computers and Laptops

    The next tip is to know the components of the computer or laptop that is used. In addition to learning about what is inside the computer, you at least know what the functions and names of the components of the computer itself are.

Components of a Computer

After knowing any tips for self-taught computer learning. There are several components in the computer that you should know too. Damage to this component will make the laptop or computer unusable.

  1. Monitor

    The first component is the monitor, this component can also be called the screen. This screen is practically like a TV, serves to display images or writing that has been processed by a computer.
    Monitors for computers are usually separate from other computer parts, but for laptops, monitors are integrated with other components.

  2. VGA

    VGA is an abbreviation of Visual Graphic Arrays which functions as a regulator of bad images or writing that will be displayed on the computer screen / monitor. So, if you want a clearer or detailed image, you need a high VGA type.

  3. Processor

    This one component is the brain core of the computer, so the computer can work according to what we want because of the processor in it.

  4. Motherboards

    This motherboard is in the form of a board and is located inside the computer case. This component serves as a place to accommodate other components such as the processor, RAM, and others.

  5. RAM

    RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and serves as temporary storage memory on a laptop or computer.

  6. Hard disk

    If RAM was temporary storage memory, all computer data is stored in a component called a hard disk.
    The storage capacity on the hard drive varies according to the type of laptop/computer you have. There are 500GB up to a few Tera Bytes.

  7. Power Supply

    As the name suggests, this power supply component serves to drain power or power so that the computer can turn on after being plugged into an electrical terminal.

  8. Case

    Similar to HP, the casing is the outer part that protects the computer components that are composed. The use of the casing also avoidscomputer users may get an electric shock if they accidentally touch a working computer component.

  9. Keyboard

    Not much different from a cellphone, a laptop/computer keyboard also functions as a medium for you to write or type letters on a computer. In addition, the computer keyboard also has a key or other keys that have their respective functions.

Shortcut or Shortcut Keys on the Computer

If you already know how to learn computers in general, you must already know what a keyboard is and how to use it.

There are keyboard key combinations that are useful for saving time when using the computer, especially if you often use Microsoft Word to write documents or do assignments.

  1. Ctrl + C

    This key is a combination of the Ctrl key which is located under the shift key and the letter C key. Its function is to copy or copy a letter, sentence, file, folder that you want.

  2. Ctrl + V

    Just like above, Ctrl V is a combination of the Ctrl shift key and the letter key and the use of these two keys is pressed together. If Ctrl C function is to copy, Ctrl V is to paste or paste letters, sentences, files, folders that have been copied previously.

  3. Ctrl + A

    Not unlike Ctrl C and V, A is also used by pressing Ctrl and the A key together. Its function is to block or select all letters, sentences, files, folders you want.

How To Learn Computer Fast For Beginners, Until then, the writings that we share in terms of how to learn self-taught computers easily. In essence, learning computers need to increase practice so that you get used to using them and will run smoothly on their own.

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