How to Recover Missing Paper Sizes in Microsoft Word

How to Recover Missing Paper Sizes in Microsoft Word, This afternoon suddenly my brother complained about his Microsoft word which only has letter and A4 paper sizes. He said that long ago the other paper sizes had disappeared, suddenly disappeared for whatever reason. Even though there are usually many paper sizes that we can choose from the size menu in the layout. He said there were only two choices, namely letter and A4.

He’s tried to fix his office but it’s still the same. My brother also ordered someone else to fix it but it’s the same, the paper size didn’t increase either. In fact, I have reinstalled Office twice.

That’s why he finally asked me to fix it, so I finally googled it. There was only a hint about this problem.

Finally after I read it turned out that the cause was because the printer device was not on the word. There are several printers that only support these two paper sizes, including the Epson L120 and Epson L220 printers. I don’t know about other Epson print types.

How to Recover Missing Paper Sizes in Microsoft Word

How to Recover Missing Paper Sizes in Microsoft Word

As I explained above that the problem lies in the printer, therefore the solution is simply to change the default printer device used on the laptop. For detailed steps, please refer to the following steps.


  1. Changing the default printer via system settings
    Type print management in the start menu search, after finding it, open the application. Then right click on Send to OneNote and select set printing defaults. If there is a popup just click OK.
  2. Print management
    If a canon printer device is available, you can also change it to this print.
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  1. Change directly through Ms. Word
    This method is the easiest way to restore all types of paper sizes. You only need to open a word document, then press CTRL+P. After that change the print type to Send to OneNote.
  2. Changing the default printer device
    Change the option settings in ms. your word, by entering the device settings, then select the printer and change the main choice of your printer. So in this way, the problems we have mentioned above will be solved

How to Recover Missing Paper Sizes in Microsoft Word, After practicing the method I share, all the problems are resolved. So for all readers who have the same problem. Please follow the methods that we have practiced above.

And if readers have another way, please enter the method in the comments column. The goal is that our other brothers, experiencing the same thing, can easily solve this problem.

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