LightShot Download Free for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

LightShot Download Free for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7LightShot Download Free for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Desktop device users often have to take screenshots or print screens on their screens. Whether it’s an image that is currently displayed or a video that is running. Indeed, almost all PC devices allow us to take screenshots that appear on our respective screens.

Retrieval is often done by people who make articles about tutorials. They took a sample photo from the screen to be used as an example in the article.

Actually, there are several ways to take screenshots on desktop devices. If you use a laptop, the keyboard already has a “PrtSc” button, often called a print screen. But using this method is a bit complicated. Because of how it works, we copy the screen and we should paste it into another application, in pain for example. After that, we can save it.

For that, here we provide you with an easier solution, by using the application. There are many applications that you can use to take desktop screenshots. But in this article, we recommend an application called “Lightshot”.

Before you download and use Lightshot, it would be nice to get to know this application first. Both in terms of usability, features, and other advantages. So that when you use it, you don’t feel sorry for anything.

What is Lightshot

Lightshot is a software or tool that you can use to take pictures that appear on the monitor screen. Many say that Lightshoot is the fastest software for taking screenshots. I myself use this application, and it is proven to be easy and fast in its performance.

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In addition, Lightshot can edit the captured results directly before we save them. There are several simple menus provided in addition to the display interface. For more details, see some of the features that we have written below.

Advantages and Features of Lightshot

1. Fast Screenshots

Quick screenshot for our selected area. With just two steps, we can already take pictures on the desktop screen. Then just save it, if you want it to be saved and there are other options if you want it.

2. Free

You can use this software for free without having to buy it. You can install it on your computer and you can also use it online

3. Share screenshots (sc)

You can directly upload the screenshot results to the Lightshot server which is named “sc”. At the same time get the URL to share with others.

4. Easy to use

This software is very easy to use, I even think that even without you seeing this guide, you can do it.

5. Edit Image Capture results (Screenshot)

With the Lightshot application for windows, we can directly edit the captured images. For example by giving arrows, numbers, or other instructions.

6. Similar image search

One of the coolest features in Lightshot is that you can search for images that are similar or similar to the images we select on the internet. and if you find Lightshot it will display it.

Lightshot for Windows

Well, now we know a little about this Lightshot application. If you really want to use it, please use the download link that we have prepared below. Just relax, the link that we provide is very easy and safe to use.

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LightShot Download Free for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7


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