Download Microsoft Edge Latest for Windows

Download Microsoft Edge Latest for WindowsDownload Microsoft Edge Latest for Windows. In this online era, it’s impossible for us not to use a web browser on the devices we use. Whether it’s a smartphone device or a computer device. There are many options for web browser applications in the virtual world market.

The presence of various kinds of web browsers certainly makes us have to choose one of them, for us to use. In this article, we will discuss the Microsoft Edge web browser application. You can Download Microsoft Edge, in the link that we have prepared below this article.

But before that, let’s get to know a little about this Microsoft Edge application. Whether it’s in terms of features, advantages, how it works, and much more. Ok, let’s just discuss the first point, namely, what is Microsoft Edge?

What’s that Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new browser developed by Microsoft based on Chromium and other open-source programs. Which was later launched in January 2020. This browser appears to overtake Internet Explorer on Windows 10 as the new browser and launches as the default browser on Windows 11. At the end of 2021, according to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge has a market share of 3.99%. Is the most popular browser for all platforms ranking third after Google Chrome (63.8%) and Safari (19.6%).

Unlike its predecessor browser (IE) which is boring, Microsoft Edge is made with a more user-friendly and indulgent interface. Not only appearance, but Microsoft Edge also comes with more diverse features and services, such as enhanced privacy and security, abundant extensions and themes, full integration with other Microsoft products, and much more.

One of the excellent features that Microsoft Edge has is the integration between Cortana and Bing; where the search process can be done easily and quickly without having to manually type in keywords. In full, you can follow some of the other interesting features of Microsoft Edge below:

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Features Microsoft Edge for Windows

1. Connect with Cortana

This feature is a smart personal assistant based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) made by Microsoft to help Windows users do many things. Cortana integration in Microsoft Edge will help users search for something without having to manually type in keywords. Cortana is connected to the search engine Bing so that all searches that users want will be done via Bing quickly and practically. To use it, users need to activate the systemwide Cortana feature, and change the Advance Setting to “Get Cortana to assist me in Microsoft Edge”.

2. Custom appearance and theme

Not only integration with Cortana features, users are also spoiled with a customizable browser interface. Users can change the appearance of the browser homepage via the front garden “Park Settings”, by clicking the Settings icon in the upper right corner. Next, select Custom to customize the look. After that, you can set the background with or without a theme, and content by selecting the type of content you want to display.

Not only the appearance of the browser homepage, users can also completely change the appearance of the browser via the Settings » Appearance menu. Through the park, users can sort out fashion colors, which can be Light or Dark. Next, users can also apply the themes that have been provided or install other themes from the Chrome Website Store.

3. Privacy as well as security

Microsoft Edge also provides the best protection in protecting the privacy and device security. In the Settings » Privacy, search, and services park, users can control privacy and information security by selecting the security level of the desired tracking type. By default, Microsoft Edge practices Tracking prevention in a Balanced fashion. If desired, the user can change the mode to Basic or Strict. Specifically for Strict mode, users will get a large level of personal protection and security, but the risk can cause the content park being launched to encounter problems.

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In addition to privacy and security features, Microsoft Edge has also developed a Family safety feature where parents can monitor websites and passwords accessed by children. Parents can also filter some websites and searches that may be unfavorable to children’s development.

4. Can increase collections and records

One feature that is not often found in other browsers is Collections. This feature can be used to create content garden collections. To do this, users just need to click the “+” or Collections icon in the upper right corner, then click Start new collection to create collections and add content or web parks to them. Not only adding parks, users can also add notes in it.

If you wish, the user can also create a citation from the added park. Next, users can give the collection to office applications by clicking on the 3-dot icon at the top, then selecting the application, it can be Excel, OneNote, Word, or something else.

5. Synchronization

Synchronization aims to save browser data to the cloud and integrate it with other features in real-time. Not only is it more convenient, but synchronization also makes it easier for users to access browser data, such as bookmarks, open tabs, add-ons, and browser settings from any device. To perform synchronization in the Microsoft Edge browser, users can log in to garden Settings» Profiles. Then, the user can upgrade to a new profile by logging in with a Microsoft account.

After that, users can sort out the information/files that need to be synchronized by going to Sync park. In this park, users can activate the data that needs to be synchronized, whether it’s Favorites, Settings, Basic news, Passwords, History, Open tabs, Extensions, Collections, or something else.

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6. Website capture

Microsoft Edge also provides a Web capture feature that can be used to capture the appearance of a web page. There are 2 options to choose from, namely Zone Capture and Full Page Capture. Zone capture is used to capture only certain parts of the park, while full page capture is used to capture the park as a whole (full page).

To use this feature is quite easy, the user can right-click on the park that you want to screenshot, then select the capture mode you want, then select the area you want to screenshot. After that, the user can save the catch to local storage.

Download Microsoft Edge Latest for Windows

Well, for those who want to use this web browser on their Windows device. Please click the download link that we have prepared below. Take it easy, this is a very safe link for you to use.

For how to download it, after you click the download link, a download page will then open. Here, please select the Windows version you are using, then wait for the download to finish.

Download Microsoft Edge Latest for Windows


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