Recording Computer Screen Without Application

Recording Computer Screen Without Application, The method of recording computer and laptop screens is usually done by using an application or application. However, the downside is that it requires a fairly large amount of bonus storage space on the PC. So that it can lower its performance, of course, it will cause a leg let alone an error.

Not only that, if you use a free or free application, the resulting video will be less than optimal like a premium (paid) application. In this case, we must use sufficient funds to buy the premium license.

Not only are there some important features that are kept secret, free apps generally include a watermark. So, your video work looks less professional, because there is a logo for the application owner.


Recording Computer Screen Without Application

For those of you who use Windows 11, now you can record your computer or laptop screen without using a bonus application. The XBOX Game Bar feature is what distinguishes it from the earlier Windows types.

The XBOX Game Bar feature is useful for recording games on the computer screen. At first, it was like that, but in the application, it is not just for recording games.

You can also record anything that is on the computer screen, such as guidance for Youtubers or presentation files for education for a teacher or lecturer.


This XBOX Game Bar feature is what you can use to record your computer or laptop screen.

This feature is only owned by Windows 11 Build 15019 and above. So, before you use make sure your computer or laptop has the XBOX Game Bar feature.

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The method of recording a computer or laptop screen using Windows 11 you can do in 2 methods, namely:

Recording Computer Screen with XBOX Game Bar Features

Activate the XBOX Game Bar Feature on Your Computer. The method of activating it is through the Settings menu, then the Gaming selection. After that click Game Bar to turn it ON.

After the XBOX Game Bar feature has been activated, you can start screen recording by pressing the Windows(Winkey)+Gram key on the keyboard.

Automatically, Game Bar appears immediately. In fact, here you can not only record the screen in the form of videos but also screenshots. To make a screenshot, you can press the Capture button. On the other hand, to record the screen in the form of a video, you can select Recording.

After you finish recording the screen, you can click Start/Stop Recording to stop it. Without having to save it, the recorded file will automatically be saved in the Capture file storage position.

Recording Computer Screen with Shortcut

To save time, you can use shortcuts to record computer screens. However, to be able to use it, you need to activate the XBOX Game Bar Feature as in the method above.

Some of the meaningful shortcuts you need to memorize are:

  • Keys: Windows Logo+ Alt+ R ​​to start or end PC screen recording
  • Keys: Windows Logo+ Alt+ PrtScrn for PC screen screenshot
  • Button: Windows Logo+ Alt+ Meter to ON/OFF the microphone
  • Keys: Windows logo+ Alt+ B to start/pause the broadcast
  • Keys: Windows logo+ Alt+ W to make the camera on broadcast
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The method of recording computer and laptop screens is very meaningful to know. Not only Youtubers in making guidance videos. But also teachers and lecturers in making educational media in the form of video recordings. Especially during this kind of pandemic, education is still being tried online or known as Distance Education (PJJ).

Hopefully, the tips that we share can always help relatives in solving the case that is currently being faced. There are also other methods that relatives can practice. We expect you to provide a discussion in the opinion column. Later the discussion that relatives share will be posted in this post.

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