SHAREit File Storage Location on PC

SHAREit File Storage Location on PC, When you first use SHAREit as a document transfer medium, you will definitely experience confusion – especially in finding files on your PC. Oddly enough, you can’t see the files that have been received on the PC. While the location of the file placement is correct.

Well, that’s the uniqueness of the SHAREit Application that I’ve ever experienced. It’s a bit different from other applications. So it’s natural that you are a little confused when you first use it.

In this article, we will review the location of the SHAREit file storage on your PC.

SHAREit File Storage Location on PCDefinition of SHAREit

SHAREit is an application that is used to share (media share) documents that are quite popular with gadget users. There are so many advantages of this media share, such as easy to operate, not sucking up internet quota and without using hardware devices such as Bluetooth.

Even more fun, this media sharing can not only transfer image, audio and video files but can also share APK applications. Now this is what distinguishes it from other media sharing applications.


  1. The steps to find the file storage location on your PC that you sent via SHAREit are:
  2. Open File Explore on your PC screen, then select Download Folder
  3. After File Download opens, select SHAREit
  4. After that, the HP folder that has sent the file will be displayed
  5. Click HP Folder to find the files you have sent to your PC


If you still can’t find the file sent to your PC via SHAREit, there’s the easiest way to find it:

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Before sending files to PC, change the name of the file that you will share on your Smartphone or HP. Keep the file name simple and easy to remember. The goal is to make it easier for you to search in the search field (search).

Send the file that you changed the file name earlier using SHAREit. Make the submission as usual (following the sequence of steps to send the file via SHAREit). Once sent, open Explorer on your PC screen and select download. In the search field, type the name of the file you sent via SHAREit.

If the file has been sent, surely the file name will be detected through the search field. Once found, you can move the file to a place that’s easy for you to find.


To make it easier for you to find files sent via SHAREit, you are given the opportunity to change the storage address according to your wishes. How to change it is as follows:

Open the SHAREit application on your PC, then click Settings to change the location of the download file storage. By factory default, the SHAREit file storage location is C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\Downloads\SHAREit. Well, you can make changes here. Please change the storage location that you think is easiest to find.

In this section, you are not only given the opportunity to change the file storage location but can also make changes to other sections. Such as: changing the device name, avatar logo, hotspot name, changing the password and the language you want to use.

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After all your settings, don’t forget to save them by clicking the SAVE button.

That’s how to find the save location of SHAREit files on PC that we share for you to do. If it still doesn’t work, please write a comment in the column below. And from us, of course, we really hope that the problems of all readers can be resolved immediately.

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