Teamviewer Free Download For PC Windows 10 64 Bit

Teamviewer Free Download For PC Windows 10 64 Bit
Teamviewer Free Download For PC Windows 10 64 Bit

Teamviewer Free Download For PC Windows 10 64 Bit – TeamViewer is an application that is use to remotely access a computer via an internet network that can use for personal or paid use.
There are 3 types of TeamViewer that we can use, namely, Installer, portable and basic web version. Using TeamViewer means both computers can transfer files, chat, chat and make video calls.

TeamViewer function

Remote Controls

This feature can be used to control other people’s computers. However, we need to know the ID of the TeamViewer partner on the other person’s PC that we are going to control. If we know the ID, we can connect our computer to other people’s computers.

File Transfers

This feature is like the Between client and server feature. We simply drag and drop files from the client to the server or vice versa.


The next feature is a meeting feature that can involve large numbers of people, this feature is similar to the Zoom application. We can hold a remote Video Conference with our work partners. The server only distributes the meeting ID to the meeting participants, and the participants only need to enter the ID.

How to Use TeamViewer

The above has explained how the functions of TeamViewer are, one of which is an application that makes it easier for us to access computers remotely using the internet network. For more details on how to use TeamViewer, see the explanation below:

Connected To Internet Network

Make sure both computers are connected to the internet network before use, and try to make the internet connection stable.

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Install TeamViewer

Make sure both computers have the TeamViewer application installed, so that the ID and Password can automatically appear.

Remote Support, File Transfer and Presentation

You can choose 3 features that have been provided, all you have to do is enter the ID and Password from the computer that is used as a partner. Next, click Connect to Partner to start the connection.
Thus an explanation of the features and functions of the TeamViewer application, if you are interested in using it on a PC or Windows, please click the link below:

Teamviewer Free Download For PC Windows 10 64 Bit

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