Telegram For Pc Free Download Windows 10 64 Bit

Telegram For Pc Free Download Windows 10 64 Bit
Download Telegram For Pc

Telegram For Pc Free Download Windows 10 64 Bit– Telegram is an instant messaging application that can use on various types of cloud-based platforms available for free and paid. Telegram works on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Besides Telegram being used to send messages, it can also be used to send images, videos, audio, and various other file types.

Telegram features

Telegram users continue to increase from time to time because Telegram continues to provide various features needed by its users. Especially in terms of security, and cloud-based storage so that the smartphone’s internal memory is not full. Here are some Telegram features that you can use, including the following:

Secret Chat

This feature was developed by Telegram as a one-on-one conversation type and not for group conversations. In this secret message chat room, you cannot forward messages or take screenshots.

Telegram groups

Telegram groups can accommodate many members, up to more than 200,000 people. Within the group, we can also send messages, photos, videos, and audio to various types of files. One of the well-known Telegram group features is public group access.

Telegram Channels

This feature can make us communicate with many people, it’s just that they can’t respond to what we convey, its function is similar to a group, but only admins can send messages and so on.

Telegram bots

The bot itself is a Telegram account that is operated by software, bots can do various things such as teach, search, play, broadcast, remind, connect and integrate with other services and can give internet of things commands.
One of the most widely used Telegram bots is Anonymous Chat, with this bot you can directly connect with other Telegram users without exchanging numbers first.

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With this feature, you can access Telegram on several devices such as on a Smartphone or on a Windows PC.


Telegram can send messages quickly compared to other applications such as WhatsApp, Line, and others.


By using Telegram you can send messages or other files without size limits.


You can customize your emoticon according to how you feel

These are some of the Telegram features that you can use when using Telegram, if you are interested in using Telegram on a PC, please click the link below:

Telegram For Pc Free Download Windows 10 64 Bit

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