TIPS ACCELERATE INTERNET CONNECTION, In this era of globalization, our need to use the internet has become a major need. Be it in work, business, communication, technology, government, searching and browsing, etc. The internet has also influenced economic growth in all aspects including banking and market exchanges and promotions if before using the internet all buying and selling transactions were carried out face-to-face, but after the existence of the internet for buying and selling transactions, banking, reporting, to the project tender process through E-procurement, for example, uses the internet, in addition to saving space and time.

Indeed, for Indonesia itself, it can be admitted that internet access is still very slow compared to other countries which are much faster, but we may not have to be discouraged because the Government does not want to remain silent, so even now there are many targeted steps to optimize speed. internet usage.

because it must be admitted that the Internet also has a great influence on science and world thought. By only relying on search engines like Google, users around the world have easy Internet access to various data. Compared to novels and bibliotechnics, the Internet is an instant source of data and information.

Suppose a relative is browsing the internet by typing the keyword”methods to speed up internet connection”. So there will be a lot of ways offered by the author of the post. But for this time there is nothing wrong if you make efforts to implement ways to speed up internet connection with the methods we share.

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It could be that you and I as active internet users, if the internet connection is very slow, of course it will make us very insecure. Therefore, follow some of the methods below, hopefully they can help speed up your internet connection a little:

  • Eliminate the maximum bandwidth limit
  • Manage computer or laptop registry layout
  • Using open DNS
  • Turn off outlook, thunder bird
  • Don’t open many web pages
  • Enable DNS Cache
  • Choosing the right provider
  • Choose the appropriate Internet package
  • Fixed WIFI Antenna position

Well, that’s the tips or methods that we share this time, hopefully our article will answer every question you have in your mind. And if this article is useful, then it would be nice if you share it with your relatives.

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