11 Tips for Successful Online Business for Beginners

11 Tips for Successful Online Business for Beginners
11 Tips for Successful Online Business for Beginners

Online Business

11 Tips for Successful Online Business for Beginners – Doing business online is a new opportunity for business people, both big and beginner classes. This is based on the phenomenon of changes in people’s behavior towards buying and selling activities. Many shops began to go out of business due to the decline in their sales targets. So where are the consumers running? they are now gradually starting to switch to the online system.

This then becomes a reference for those who want to enter the business world. At least it becomes a reference to the sales method they will apply. Is it still in the offline system and online system?

But even so, there are many cases of fraud when shopping for goods at online shops. This has a serious impact on trusted online sellers. Therefore it takes some time to regain the trust of buyers because some people still feel unsafe shopping through the online system.

Other technical errors also affect the process of selling our goods later, either intentionally or unintentionally. That is why we must first understand what are the tips and tricks for successfully doing business for novice business people.

4 Things that Must be Understood and Owned by an Internet Business Online

1. Straighten Intentions

The intention is the main thing in a plan. It is the principle and foundation upon which planning and strategy are built upon. If this intention is strong then the building built on it will be strong too. Intention itself is the motivation for a business that if as long as we are running and still holding on to the foundation of intention then we will arrive at our goal.

Straightening the intention is looking for motivation as a strong grip. This means that if the intention that is built is fragile, the process that is built will also crack.

2. Cultivate the Value of Honesty (Devotion)

The values ​​of honesty are noble values ​​that must (or may not) be owned by business people, both online and offline. This value of honesty includes any activity in buying and selling both in terms of the production process, income, expenditure, reporting, copyrights, patents, and the production equipment used. All sides of activity in business. This honest value will increase consumer trust in you.

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3. Really Serious (Commitment)

There is a term that says, if you have fallen in a pond, you should bathe your whole body at the same time. If it’s already wet, just throw it in. This means that if you are serious about getting into the business world, you have to wholeheartedly, don’t be half-hearted and wishy-washy. Dare to face risks and assumptions, if you have a way never back down. Doing business also teaches us to be more mature, because there will be many problems that must be solved by an entrepreneur.

4. Diligent and Istiqamah (Consistent)

After the 3 points above have been owned, sustainability it takes persistence and istiqamah. Doing business is not just selling and then buying and selling, but also upgrading, such as improving the image, number of products, production time, and so on. All of that will be achieved if accompanied by consistency. A big impact can be felt by business people who are passive income. These business people do not see results immediately, but it takes a long time to produce results. The positive side of a passive income business is that the end result or profit will flow like flowing water without the need for a lot of effort and effort to get a profit.

7 Things to Consider When Running a Business Online

1. Determine the Type of Business

Of course, when we start a business, we must first choose the types of business that will be run on the internet. There are many types of businesses that can be run on the internet, but Andry Salim in his book The Internet Millionaire mentions there are 5 types of businesses that we can do:

  • Content Publishers
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Product/Service Owner
  • CPA Marketers
  • Site Flipping
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We will describe these 5 points in detail, both from a technical perspective, advantages and disadvantages, prospects, and market analysis in the next post on this blog.

2. Analyzing the Market

Analyzing the market is a skill that a businessman must have, and of course, this will become a natural skill as he has more experience doing business. Analyzing the market is the ability to view demographic and geographic statistics on a trend that is currently developing in cyberspace to be used as material for evaluating the development of our business.

That is before you really set your business type. First, you have to analyze the market, does the business you offer have prospects (opportunities) and also sell? Then for the sustainability of the company that you are building, analyzing the market is very much needed, such as seeing the behavior of your consumers and seeing trends that are on the rise in the market.

3. Building Brandding

In order for your product to really be liked and in demand by the market (customers), then you need branding. Branding is a process of building a corporate image to convince customers that the products offered are suitable and according to their demands.

There are also various kinds of branding, both in terms of logos, distinctive colors, and packaging designs. Or from the other side, such as awards that have been won or at least customer testimonials, both directly and indirectly, which aim to increase customer trust.

For example, why is a good motorcycle Yamaha, Suzuki, or so on in some areas known as Honda? It doesn’t matter what the brand is, the important thing is that it’s called Honda. Toothpaste is also known as toothpaste, even though toothpaste is a brand of toothpaste product. This is also called branding, when people’s mindset is locked on a name (brand), they will generalize all objects that have the same form or function.

4. Good Marketing Techniques

Marketing is something that can not be separated from the business process. Because with marketing, the products and services that we offer are conveyed to customers or potential customers. Marketing is the spearhead that makes a company achieve success or decline. Marketing has the main task, namely selling products or services from a company that has a target market in accordance with what has been determined by the company.

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Advertisements that we often see on websites and YouTube videos are marketing techniques carried out by a company.

5. Data Collection

Record keeping in business is something that cannot be separated. Both income, expenses, debts, and customer databases must actually be written down. Use it as a media evaluation later. That is, how can we calculate profits and losses if every transaction is not recorded?

6. Maintain Reputation

A company will run properly if it can maintain the reputation of the branding process they have built. Reputation is the good name of a company. A restaurant is famous for its delicious food, one day something goes wrong and the food is bad, then in an instant, the news spreads to be heard by consumers and loyal customers. As a result, the restaurant’s reputation and customers are reduced by more than 50%. In conditions like this, companies usually try to neutralize the situation, including by making press releases, giving big discounts, updating systems and products, to “bribing” consumers with a certain amount of money to guarantee silence.

7. Expand the Network

After everything is going well, it’s time for you to innovate such as increasing performance, expanding the network, opening branches, or adding facilities. It means you are not stuck in that position that’s all. It’s time to develop and create a new innovation.

These are the 11 tips and tricks that must be owned by novice businessmen on the internet. We will explain each of these points in subsequent articles. For that, continue to stand by and wait for the latest article updates about internet marketing on this blog.

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