Update Applications in Windows 11 – Here’s How

How to update Windows apps

Update Applications in Windows 11. Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems on computers/laptops around the world. This can happen because Windows is a very user-friendly OS. Not only because of its various services and features, but Windows also has more third-party application support than other OS.

Maybe there are relatives who install browser applications such as Google Chrome or Firefox to surf the internet. Media player applications such as VLC or GOM Player to play videos or music. Communication applications such as Skype or Zoom for online meetings or video conferences, and so on.

But do you understand that application developers are trying hard to release updates to applications? This is tried so that users are satisfied with the application they use. App updates will bring multiple revisions, feature accumulation, and performance improvements. So, it is highly recommended to update the application to avoid unwanted bugs or problems.

Many users don’t realize that updating an app is worth trying. Not only applications, operating systems, drivers, and other software also need to be updated regularly.

At this time relatives have mastered how important it is to update applications on relatives’ computers/laptops. Next, let’s follow the following application update guide!

Update Applications in Windows 11

To update applications on Windows Computer, there are several methods that you can do. First, you can get updates from the Microsoft Store, this is an application store like Google’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Second, relatives can update the application from within the application or re-install the application. Furthermore, relatives can follow and follow the instructions below!

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Updates from the Microsoft Store

If a relative installs an application from the Microsoft Store, then the relative can update the application directly from the Microsoft Store. You can do this method on Windows 11, 10, and 8 PCs. Maybe there will be a difference in appearance between the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store on Windows 10/8, but you can always adjust it. Here are the steps!

  • Please open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 11 Computer. Then click the Library menu located on the right side of the base.
  • Next the relative will be shown to the application update page. In the park, relatives can view application records for updates. Click Get updates to check for the latest updates. Next, you can select the application you want to update, click Update to update the application, and click Update all to update all applications.

Non-Microsoft Store app updates

If a relative downloads an application not from the Microsoft Store, then the update cannot be tried from the Microsoft Store. relatives can update the application to get used to the application itself, considering that each application has its own tricks.

Google Chrome application for example, relatives can update the application directly from the About park. Meanwhile, other applications such as WhatsApp cannot be updated from within the application, relatives must reinstall the application to a newer version.

Turn on automatic updates

If relatives don’t want to bother updating the application manually. Relatives can control for updates to run automatically. Some apps download and install updates in the background. While others show a pop-up message asking relatives to confirm the app update.

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