Viber For Pc Windows 10 64-bit Free Download

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Viber For Pc Windows 10 64-bit Free Download – A voice calling and instant messaging app named Viber was developed by the Israeli technology company Viber Media. Talmon Marco, the founder of the Viber Media company, introduced the Viber app for the first time in 2010.

Viber was initially developed by Marco as a tool for sending free text messages and phone conversations via Wi-Fi or a data network. When Marco was in Japan and had to make costly international calls to speak to his family in Israel, the idea to develop this app first came to him.
After the Viber app was released, Marco and his team concentrated on enhancing it by including new capabilities like video calling, voice messaging, and other things. Viber Media was purchased by the Japanese corporation Rakuten in 2014 for roughly $900 million.

Viber has been one of the most widely used phone calling and instant messaging software by millions of users worldwide up until this point.

Viber features

The following are a few of the newest Viber features:

  1. Dark display or dark mode : With this function, users can make the Viber application appear darker, which lessens eye strain when using the app at night.
  2. Animated stickers : Viber keeps adding new, inventive, and entertaining moving stickers to its already large selection of stickers.
    GIFs : Through the Viber app, users can quickly search for and share GIFs with their connections.
    Voting or voting : Users can use this tool to generate polls in group chats, which makes it simpler for everyone to decide collectively.
  3. Security upgrades: With features like end-to-end encryption and the capacity to erase messages automatically after a set amount of time, Viber is always working to improve the security of its software.
  4. ViberOut : With the use of this service, customers can contact landline or mobile lines in any country for a reasonable rate.
    Integration of a third-party service : Additionally, Viber allows users to access diverse content right from the Viber program by integrating with services like YouTube, Spotify, and others.
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Disadvantages of Viber

Some of the issues with the Viber app include the following:

  • Feature Restrictions : Although Viber has many useful capabilities, like phone and video conversations, text messaging, stickers, and so forth, some of the services have restrictions, such as the absence of privacy and security setting settings.
  • Not constantly stable :Similar to other apps for phone calling and instant messaging, Viber occasionally encounters technical problems that make it difficult to make audio and video conversations.
  • Internet connection reliance: Due to the fact that Viber uses the internet to perform voice and video calls, the call quality will be influenced by the speed of the internet connection.
  • Unwelcome in some nations :Although it is highly popular in some nations like Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, Viber is less well-known abroad than WhatsApp or LINE.
  • Unable To Function Without A Phone Number: Users must submit their phone number in order to sign up for and use Viber. Users that want to protect their privacy find this to be a problem.

System Requirements

When using the Viber app on a mobile device, the following minimal system requirements must be met:

  • 5.0 or later Android operating system required for device.
  • iOS device running 12.0 or a later version of the operating system.
  • Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G internet connection that is reliable.
  • camera for video conversations and capturing images for social media profiles.
  • the use of a microphone for voice and video communications.
  • For use when making voice and video calls, a speaker.
  • enough capacity to set up applications and keep user data.
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The following minimum system requirements apply to desktop users:

  • MacOS 10.9 or Windows 7 or later are acceptable operating systems.
  • a reliable Ethernet or Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • camera for video calls and taking images for social media profiles.
  • the use of a microphone for voice and video communications.
  • For use when making voice and video calls, a speaker.
  • enough capacity to set up applications and keep user data.
  • The Viber app could not function properly or possibly be inaccessible if the user’s device does not satisfy the minimal system requirements.


An Israeli technological startup led by Talmon Marco invented the instant messaging and voice calling program Viber in 2010. With the help of this program, users may send and receive text messages and voice calls for free over Wi-Fi or a data network.

Viber’s software is continually being improved through the addition of new features like moving stickers, GIFs, polls, and more. But there are also negatives, like a lack of features, a reliance on an internet connection, a lack of acceptance in some nations, and others.

Viber is still one of the most widely used voice calling and instant messaging apps, being used by millions of people worldwide.

Viber For Pc Windows 10 64-bit Free Download

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