Viber For PC Windows 7 Free Download

Viber For PC Windows 7 Free Download

Viber For PC Windows 7 Free Download– In December 2010 Viber was launched for the first time by an Israeli company called Viber Media. This application was only available for the iPhone for the first time, but in 2011, Viber became available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

At the start of the creation of the Viber app, Viber could only be used for free calls between Viber users. However, as Viber develops, it adds features such as video calling and instant messaging that allow users to communicate with friends, family and business partners more easily.

In 2014 Viber was purchased by a Japanese company called Rakuten for $900 million. Starting from the suite, Viber continues to develop its features such as Viber Out which is useful for making phone calls around the world at an affordable cost, group chat features, and funny stickers.

Currently, Viber is one of the most popular instant messaging and voice or video calling applications
Currently, Viber has become one of the most popular instant messaging and voice/video calling applications in the world with users spread across various countries.

Viber Features

Here are some of the features in the Viber application:

  1. Free voice and video calls: Viber allows its users to make video calls, voice calls for free between fellow Viber users around the world.
  2. Instant messaging: With this feature users can send messages in the form of text, videos, voice messages, pictures easily.
  3. Funny stickers: Viber provides a collection of cute and unique stickers that can be used to express feelings from users in conversations via chat messages.
  4. Group chat: With this feature, users can create a chat group with family, friends, and co-workers of up to 250 members.
  5. Viber Out: With this feature Viber users can make calls to phone numbers around the world at low cost.
  6. Public contacts: This feature allows users to follow public accounts such as accounts of celebrities, companies, them, and various organizations that usually offer several promotions, discounts and events.
  7. Security and privacy: Security and privacy are of great concern to this app, security and privacy features such as end-to-end encryption to protect user conversations from unauthorized access.
  8. Integration with other applications: this application can be integrated with other popular applications such as Giphy, Spotify and Youtube, thus allowing users to share other applications directly in Viber conversations.
  9. Customization: With this feature, users can set ringtones and display or incoming messages according to their individual preferences.
  10. Backup and Restore: The next feature is Backup and Restore which is useful for storing conversations and data that are considered important on the Cloud which makes it easier for users to retrieve their data.
  11. Desktop integration: With this feature, Viber users can communicate with people out there with computers.
  12. Read check mark: This feature helps users know whether the message has been sent or not and can also find out whether the message has been read or not.
  13. Viber Local Number Service: This feature allows users to buy local numbers through this application, which allows users to receive calls and messages from abroad without roaming fees.
  14. Broadcast feature: Users can use the broadcast feature to send messages to many people at once.
  15. Secret Chat feature: With this feature, users can send messages that can disappear automatically after a certain period of time, so that messages cannot be accessed by other parties.
  16. Integration with Google Assistant: This feature makes it easier for users to make calls and send messages with voice commands from Google Assistant. Viber’s features make it one of the most popular and useful instant messaging and voice/video calling applications for users around the world.
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Disadvantages of Viber

Here are some of the cons of the Viber app:

  • Not all features are available in all countries: the Viber Out and Viber Local Number features are not available in all countries, so users cannot access these features.
  • Big data usage: One of Viber’s drawbacks is its large data usage.
  • Connection glitches: A poor network connection can cause voice calls or video calls to not work smoothly.
  • Unable to contact non-Viber users: The next drawback is that Viber users can only contact Viber users, outside of the Viber application they cannot.
  • Not completely free: Video calling and messaging features are free. However, using Viber Out requires a fee for calls to cell phone numbers or landlines that do not have Viber installed.
  • Lots of ads: Ads appear frequently on Viber, which annoys users. Although Viber has some drawbacks, its many advantages and ease of use have made it one of the most popular instant messaging and voice/video calling applications that users around the world rely on.


From the discussion that has been explained above, it can be concluded that the Viber application is one of the most popular and reliable instant messaging and voice/video call applications worldwide. Viber offers features such as free voice/video calls, instant messaging, cute stickers, security and privacy, and integration with other applications.

However, Viber also has some drawbacks such as large data usage and connection interruptions. Nonetheless, its many advantages and ease of use keep the Viber app one of the top choices for users around the world for communicating with their friends and family.

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