Whatsapp For Pc Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download

Whatsapp For Pc Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download

Whatsapp For Pc Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download – WhatsApp is a software for sending messages and calls that is safe, simple and reliable, and can be download to cellphones around the world for free.

WhatsApp features

Restore deleted WhatsApp Chats

But this feature only applies to the delete chat action with delete for me.

Emoji reactions on WA Status

Users can react with emojis on WA statuses uploaded by other people. Users just have to look at the WA status, then click the reply option, then select the emoji you want to use to respond to that status.

Leave the WhatsApp Group Secretly

Users can leave the group without notifications appearing in other members’ chat rooms so users can leave quietly.

Share Call Invitation Link

Users can create or share a call invitation link, with the invitation link the user can automatically join the call.

Delete Group Member Messages

Admins can delete messages sent by members in the chat room with the delete for everyone option.


This is a place for people to gather in the same place, one community can be filled with as many as 5,000 accounts at once.


The Poll feature can be used on both individuals and groups.

Group Member More than 1000 people

Currently, WhatsApp has increased the number of group members from the previous 256 accounts to 1,024 members.

Call Up to 32 People

In one call users can join up to 32 people.

Send Messages When Calling a Group

When making group calls, users can send separate messages to one member, besides that there is also a feature to deactivate participants during a call.

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New Account Notification Join Group Call

When making a group call, the user will get a notification if a call is join.

Pause/Resume Recording

WhatsApp provides the ability to pause or resume recording.

Preview Voice Notes

Users can first listen to voice messages or voice notes before sending them. If you can delete it or continue sending it.

Remember Playback

If the user pauses the voice note, the user can continue where he left off.

This is an explanation about WhatsApp and its features, if you are interest in downloading WhatsApp, please click the link below:

Whatsapp For Pc Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download

WhatsApp can’t be used on any cellphone?

WhatsApp cannot use on Android devices that are still using the operating system 4.1 and below or Jelly Bean, nor can it be use on iPhone devices running iOS 10 and iOS

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