Zoom Meeting Download For PC 32-bit 64-bit

Zoom Download for Windows 7 32-bit 64-bit

Zoom Meeting Download For PC 32-bit 64-bit-Zoom is an application commonly use for video conferencing or webinars, Zoom can use on operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux and can also be used on various devices such as laptops, desktops PC, tablets or smartphones.

Free Zoom can use by users for meetings of 40 minutes with 100 participants. However, if you want more than that, users can use Zoom Pro, which automatically has very complete features compared to the free Zoom.

Zoom feature


This feature works for the host to arrange video participants and webinar speakers into one virtual background and make meetings more interesting and collaborative.

Change Background

This feature allows Zoom users to change the virtual background according to the user’s wishes. Usually, when we attend a Zoom meeting, the event committee has prepared a virtual background according to the theme of the event.


This feature can make it easier for Zoom users or hosts to send files such as photos, videos or attendance list links to webinar sessions.

Raise Hand

Raise hand is use to ask questions during the webinar


Zoom users or hosts can record webinar activities that are being carrie out, users can save on Cloud Zoom and on the user’s computer or PC.

Set Schedule

This feature makes it easier for someone who wants to schedule meetings, this feature can link to the Google calendar.

Beauty filters

As the name implies, this feature can use by Zoom users to beautify the appearance of your video when participating in a Zoom Meeting session.

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Waiting Room

This feature can use to prevent meeting participants from entering the main meeting room. New Zoom participants can enter the main meeting room after being allow by the host.

Breakout Rooms

This feature can be use to divide small groups when a meeting will held. This feature can divide the meeting into 50 small groups, you can enter participants automatically and manually or you can let participants choose groups according to what determined.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom has lots of keyboard shortcuts that can help you navigate the ongoing meeting. Commands such as sharing screen, recording meetings, or activating full screen can be done with just one click

For those of you who are interested in using Zoom for PC, please click the link below:

Zoom Download for Windows 7 32-bit 64-bit

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